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Welcome to Pine Ridge Orchids section on Phalaenopsis. We are striving to produce the best quality Phalaenopsis in the most unusual colors and patterns.



$8.00 each - Phalaenopsis - our choice but you can chose the plants in person (13 cm round and 3.25" square potted) - NO SHIPPING - plants picked up at the greenhouse only. Phal violacea and Samera hybrids excluded from this SPECIAL OFFER. We are trying to make room for our expanding Catasetinae collection. If you are a Florida resident we charge $9 per plant to cover Sales Tax.



I have recently repotted all my Phalaenopsis and Paphiopedilum BREEDING PLANTS and priced them individually for sale. The prices for the plants are very reasonable - generally $25 - $35 for the Phalaenopsis and $25 - $150 for the Paphiopedilums - depending upon what the plant is.

I do not have a list of what I have on the 3 benches (not enough time in the day to do this). Everyone is invited to visit the nursery and look at the plants to see if there is anything of interest to you. I have collected the best of the best as the plants bloomed out and have used these plants in making over 2,000 hybrid seed pods that I have sent to the labs. The vast majority of the Phalaenopsis had never been sent to the labs for cloning because they were more important to me holding seed pods.


Manuel G. Caluff, world fern expert and Director of the Santiago de Cuba Fern Garden, has been so kind in permitting us to post his PowerPoint presentation "Cuban Orchids" to our website.

Manuel Caluff started the Fern Garden of Santiago de Cuba and remains the Director. The Garden stores over 1,000 plant species including 360 licophytes and ferns, 300 orchid species, and a 9,500 plant herbarium (BSC). The Fern Garden is the most important fern collection in Latin America.

Manuel Caluff has described 24 new fern species and has written over 60 publications in Cuban and foreign scientific journals including 2 books - "The Magic of My Garden" in Cuba and "Conservation Of The Licophytes And Ferns In The Antilles" in the Dominican Republic.

NOTE -- this PowerPoint presentation is very large (Manuel Caluff's original format which I do not want to resize because of artist's rights) - it may take several minutes to load on your computer. PLEASE be patient - it is worth it. It may be quicker to click on the link and save to your desktop and then open with PowerPoint.

To run as a slide show, when PowerPoint opens, look at the top buttons and you should have one that says View As Slideshow.


Phalaenopsis cut flower

We are offering Phalaenopsis cut flowers at $3.00 per inflorescence - local sales only. We usually start to cut the inflorescences from December throughout the flowering season. The cuts originate from plants that may be fully open or from plants that I deem too small for this season's sales. All the flower spikes are cut using sterilized scissors. The colors range from all of the clones we produce to the full range of hybrid seedlings, but very few if any whites. We usually bundle 10 inflorescences per bunch. Please bring your own containers to hold water. I offer the cuts at a very low cost to everyone and I cannot take the time to pack and ship the cuts since the open flowers would sustain too much damage.



I have just added a short 21 MB movie that Jennifer Brown ("Pine Rockland Composition" movie producer) made while she was shooting the movie about our globally endangered Rock Pineland. Hope you enjoy.



I will start to list some of the recent arrivals of hybrid Phalaenopsis seedlings as they arrive in the nursery. These seedlings would have been just taken out of flask according to the date listed. Please look at the date received to determine what size pot the plants may in today. Some of the hybrids are my crosses and some will be from breeders I work with. I will not be posting photos of hybrids because hybrids involve a large variability in potential colors compared to photos of clones which are consistant with the plant cloned.


(Brother Delight X Brother Spots Way) X (Golden Peoker X OK 7) 'Pine Ridge 5' X Chain Xen Queen 'CX 35'

Chain Xen Pearl X Fusheng's Pink Pearl

Fusheng's Pink Pearl X Fuller's Goddess

Fusheng's Pink Pearl X Yu Pin Burgundy

(Haur Jin Diamond X Brother World Class) 'Pine Ridge 12' X Brother Sally Taylor X (Krull's Red Hot X Florida Heat) 'Pine Ridge'

Haur Jin Princess 'Pine Ridge 22' X (Brother Sally Taylor X (Krull's Red Hot X Florida Heat) 'Pine Ridge'

I-Hsin Black Jack X Fusheng's Pink Pearl

(Malibu Rascal X Kiska) X Dutch Lady

(Mem. Columbia Crew X John Naugle) X sib

(Mem. Columbia Crew X John Naugle) 'Pine Ridge 4' X [John Naugle X (Orglade's Puff X Carolina White Art)] 'Pine Ridge'

Yu Pin Lady X I-Hsin Black Jack


{(Mem. Columbia Crew X Don Naugle) '3/23' x (Donna Sue X Frank Gottberg) 'Pine Ridge'}

(King Shiang's Beauty X Brother Love Rosa) 'Pine Ridge'


(Brother Dessert X Brother Love Rosa) 'Pine Ridge'


(Chain Xen Pearl X Haur Jin Princess) 'Pine Ridge 14'

Confetti Burst 'Pine Ridge' AM/AOS

Elizabeth Hayden 'Pine Ridge' AM/AOS

Haur Jih Fancy 'Pine Ridge 18'

[(Haur Jin Princess X (Tom Boy X (Mt Beauty X Mad Lips) X Taisuco Noble)] 'Pine Ridge 7'

(King Shiang's Beauty X Brother Love Rosa) 'Pine Ridge'

{(Mem. Columbia Crew X Don Naugle) '3/23' x (Donna Sue X Frank Gottberg) 'Pine Ridge'}

(Mem. Columbia Crew X John Naugle) X sib

[Sogo Pearl X (Golden Peoker X Okay Seven)] 'PR 4' X (King Shiang's Beauty X Brother Love Rosa) 'PR'

(Taisuco Firebird X Ho's Exotic Twist) 'Pine Ridge'

Tying Shin Amber 'Pine Ridge'


(Brother Passat X Mem. Anna Ventosa)

Brother Pico Pierrot

(Brother Redwood X Brother Purple)

(Golden Peoker X Brother New Player)

(Hilo Lip X Taisuco Hilo)

I-Hsin Black Jack

(pulcherrima X Inferno) X Sunrise Red Peoker

(Sogo Manager X Stone Dance)

(Sogo Vivien X Salu Peoker) '#1387'

(Super Stupid X Zuma Pixie)


Please contact us for availability and plant sizes.


Thank You --- Terry and Barbara Glancy












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