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(King Shiang's Beauty X Brother Love Rosa) 'Pine Ridge'

---------- FOR SALE ----------

Barbara and I have decided to sell Pine Ridge Orchids, Inc., our award winning 20 acre Pine Ridge Sanctuary property, and our gorgeous home.

As of 10/20/2014 - most of our orchids are gone. I am going to keep selling the Fdk. After Dark and After Dark hybrids along with several other clones & hybrids of Catasetinae that are producing superior quality flowers, but in very limited quantities. I also have Paph. Barbara Glancy in limited numbers. That particular hybrid which I made produces beautiful very large yellow flowers.

Pine Ridge Orchids is still producing wonderful large sized palms and bamboo planted directly in the ground for landscape use and we are still importing our favorite Chinese and Taiwanes teas for resale to individuals and to restaurants.

I am selling the expanded metal bench tops from the Main Greenhouse - 4' wide benchtops = $4 per running foot and 6' wide bench tops = $5 per running foot. The benches are 108' long (= $432.00 & $540.00), 102' long (= $408.00 & $510.00), 68' long (= $272.00 & $340.00 - only 1 - 4' wide and 4 - 6' wide tops available), and 60' long (= $240.00 & $300.00 - only 1 - 4' wide and 4 - 6' wide tops available). Local pickup ONLY.



MLS # A1930383

Contact Sheila Freed / Coldwell Banker

Ph (305) 793-0005


Pine Ridge Orchids + Pine Ridge Sanctuary is a trophy property - loosly defined from Wikipedia as a piece of real estate in the top 2% of all properties that is exceptional for its "residence, historical, and high amenity natural lands with spectacular views or other extraordinary amenities - including privacy, exclusivity, natural beauty, recreational opportunities, scarcity, and resources for scientific interest, research, and biodiversity."

Please review our website to see what we have - approx. 4,000 square foot home + 15 acres of the most biodiverse and most highly awarded and best maintained Pine Rockland in the world + 5 acres of large landscape palms, tropical clumping bamboo, and tropical fruit trees + the supporting equipment for Pine Ridge Orchids, Inc. greenhouses.

20 acres total.


greenhouse heaters

Pine Ridge Orchids hydronic heaters


RO unit at PRO greenhouse

Reverse Osmosis generator

at PRO greenhouse

30 KW generator for single phase at greenhouse and home

30 KW generator for single phase at greenhouse and home

Pine Ridge Orchids greenhouse

100 KW generator for 3-phase at greenhouse and The Field


80 hp frost protection pump

80 hp piump fopr frost protection - The Field


fertilization equipment

fertilization equipment for greenhouses


Pine Ridge Orchids greenhouse

Catasetinae (going dormant) and Paphiopedilum in small greenhouse


Main Greenhouse

Main Greenhouse - set for future crops


Main Greenhouse

Main Greenhouse - set for future crops


front door

Front Door Entry


Puppy - 9 weeks old

Dining room - Entry - Living Room


garage - driveway

Garage - driveway


Puppy - 9 weeks old

Family Room


Puppy - 9 weeks old

Master Bedroom


Puppy - 4 months old

Laundry Room











Puppy - 9 weeks old

Guest Bedroom #1


Puppy - 9 weeks old

Pool & Patio


Puppy - 4 months old

Lily & Koi Pond


aerial map


I am going to keep the photos and descriptions of our orchids on our website to show what we had accomplished in breeding and growing. I still have select Catasetinae and Paph. Barbara Glancy which will still be available for purchase.

Pine Ridge Orchids is a commercial nursery selling wholesale to the general public. We specialized in “florist quality” Phalaenopsis in the most unusual colors plus Paphiopedilums, both Maudiae-type and multi-floral types. We also had an extensive cloning project ongoing where we cloned the best of our Phalaenopsis stock along with some very unusual color varieties of seedlings bred from Taiwan and other local hybridizers. We had also grown select hybrids and clones in the Catasetinae Alliance, specializing in larger sized flowers ranging from greens to pastels to reds to blacks. I have kept the best of those clones and hybrids for sale, but quantities are limited.

All of our plants are labeled with the hybrid or grex name; we omit our nursery name on the tag. Please consult the Catasetinae and paphiopedilum Home Pages for present inventory.

We ship throughout the US using freight lines that specialize in shipping plant material in climate controlled trailers. Barbara and TerryWe have found that there is much less damage to the plant material and much less bud drop if we tape the sleeved plants securely into a shuttle tray and then place the units onto the boxes; many of our out-of-state customers also use their own trucks to pick up their plant orders, which we then place in shuttle trays for safe transport with or without the sleeves and boxes. Plants can be bare rooted (the roots are secured inside a plastic baggie and taped closed) and stacked or layered with appropriate padding inside boxes and then shipped Priority Mail (usually 3 – 5 days) or FedEx if the plants are not in spike or just spike initiated with no bud differentiation. Smaller orders may be shipped USPS Priority or FedEx at the customer’s request.

Please note that actual shipping and delivery charges will be added as a separate charge to your invoice on the day that it ships. Since the charges are actual and not pre-calculated and can vary with the many choices of available shippers and their service rates, we don't have that information until the day your order ships. The choice of carrier and service level is suggested unless the customer requests another.

SHIPPING & PACKING - IF the plants are to be shipped, the plants will include the following additional costs:

If using a credit card - I have to pass on any transaction fees since tax, packing, and freight are all my cost.

  • + $1 per plant for packing / $1.50 for bare rooting
    + $8.00 for the box and materials (larger heat pack option + $2)
    + actual cost on Postage or Freight
    + Insurance and Signature Confirmation
    + $6.00 fee for shipper drop-off

    None of these costs apply for customers picking up plants.

Customer accepts responsibility for tracking and retrieving live orchid plant shipments from their mailbox or delivery point and unpacking in a timely fashion once delived by carrier.

SHIPPING UPDATE ---USPS Priority is NOT RELIABLE. Shipments that used to take 3 days for out-of-State addresses is now taking 7 - 11 days or more and in-State USPS Priority shipments used to take 1 day and it is NOW taking over 3 - over 10 days. There is NO TRACKING that appears on their website even though Signature Confirmation which is an added cost used to display some tracking information. There is no excuse for this!! FedEx claims guaranteed delivery PLUS full tracking --- we are now recommending FedEx but we will ship according to our customer's wishes. We have been using FedEx Home Delivery but the shipement must be made to a residence and we have to drop off the box at FedEx because they do not pick up same day.



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